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16-27 NOV @ 6-10PM

6:20PM - Gary is running late for work

7PM - Team meeting **

7:40PM - Gary starts work on the report 

8:20PM - Nicky attempts to boost morale **

9PM - Gary puts the final touches on the report

9:35PM - Finale **

** recommended watching for online audience 

You will be joining a Zoom meeting, to watch a live multi-cam stream of BIGTIMECLOCKS, alongside other online audience members. You can tune in at any time between 6 - 10PM, and you are welcome to come and go.

At times when there are a lot of audience members in the theatre, it may be hard to hear what the performers are saying. Key story points will be posted into the Zoom chat.

Check above for the schedule of scenes. Each scene is 10 - 20minutes. In between scenes you can watch audience members interact with the space.

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