Boss of an Office: Work from Home



15 April 2020

No leadership experience required. Send emails! Speak to your colleagues! Make important decisions!

Boss of an Office: Work from Home is an interactive online office role-play, simulating a ‘work from home’ experience for audiences to experience one-by-one.


Participants sign up for their own 20 min time slot and join the experience from their computer at home. During the 20 minutes, they are bombarded with emails, phone calls and messages from their colleagues as they navigate the responsibilities and stressors of being the boss. The 1:1 nature of the work allows for each audience experience to be unique.

The original live version of Boss of an Office was presented in 2019. We were funded by Satellites to create and present this online version during level 4 lockdown in NZ in April 2020.

“One of my all-time mega howler favourite theatre experiences to date.” - Audience member


“Loved it, I felt like a corporate titan. I even got to fire someone.” - Audience member


"I loved being decisive... with no consequence. Maybe I will start living my life like that." - Audience member

Directed by Olivia Mahood

Co-produced by Poppy Serano

Devised and performed by Ella Hope-Higginson, Patrick Carroll and Milo Cawthorne.

The premiere season of Boss of an Office: Work from Home was made and presented with support from Satellites.