Boss of an Office

Basement Theatre

Auckland, New Zealand

27 February - 2 March 2019


Seeking Boss for an office. Should be comfortable with decision-making. No leadership experience required. Basic computer skills optional. Private office provided. Flexible work hours, with multiple short shifts available.


Boss of an Office is an immersive interactive office cubicle and computer game, simulating an 'at work' experience for participants to experience one-by-one. ​Featuring video game, It is as if you were doing work, by Pippin Barr.


"Fav experience at @aklfringe." - Rosabel Tan 


​"It was only for 15 minutes but it was maybe my favourite 15 minutes of the festival." - Eddy Dever



Best Contemporary Performance & Live Art, Auckland Fringe 2019

Best Production Design, Auckland Fringe 2019

Pantograph Pick of the Fringe 2019, Pantograph Punch

Directed by Olivia Mahood

Co-produced by Poppy Serano

Devised and performed by Ella Hope-Higginson, Patrick Carroll and Jonathan Price