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Auckland Arts Festival 2021 (Acts of Love)

Smith & Caughey's Queen St

Auckland, New Zealand

18 - 21 March 2021


Re-flects is an interactive performance installation.


Encounter a wall of many openings, where arms reach, beckon, and wait. 

Re-flects is an interactive performance installation activating Smith and Caughey’s iconic front window. It invites passersby to interact with another person through the glass, to connect, to play, and to remind each other of their own humanity. 

In between performances the installation transforms into a wall of mirrors. Each mirror provides a new perspective, catch a glimpse of someone else’s eye or the reflection of the trees across the street. 

Directed by Olivia Mahood

Designed by Poppy Serano

Co-produced by Todd Waters

Built by Rhys Collier

Performed by Lucy Dawber, Vincent Farane, Arlo Gibson, Taylor Rogers, Lucila Urquiola

Supported by Auckland Arts Festival 2021.

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