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The Performance Arcade

Wellington, New Zealand

1 - 4 March 2018


Expressions Gallery 

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

8 - 11 March 2018


Sense of a Stranger is an interactive performance installation.


A wall of many openings, where arms reach, beckon, wait. Inviting passersby to interact, to hold hands, play a game of paper scissors rock, give a high five, receive a hug. It offers a held space for members of the public to connect with another person, to share a small moment of touch, play a game, and to remind each other of their own human-ness.

"Watching this all day, I see nothing but delight as tourists and Kiwis touch the hands, attempt to engage with them as if they themselves are the full-bodied people attached to them but invisible to view." - Amelia Jones, The Live Press


Directed by Olivia Mahood

Co-produced by Poppy Serano

Performer Co-ordination by Rachel Baker

Performed by Virginia Kennard, Debbie Fish, Jenny McArthur, along with 20+ volunteer performers

Supported by the Wellington City Council Public Art Fund, Expressions Gallery and generous donors.

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